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Many of us are unhappy with the look of a certain tooth thanks to damage, discoloration or because it is slightly more crooked than the others.

If you do have a tooth that does not match the others in terms of size, shape or colour then why not find out how we could improve it with a strong and natural looking veneer.

A veneer is a very thin cover which is placed directly over an existing tooth (or several teeth) to easily and comfortably change the appearance. With minimum removal of the existing enamel required the process is comfortable and there is no need for any injections.

All of our veneers are expertly crafted in-house. Many with the use of exclusive 3D technology, allowing us to provide very precisely made veneers, milled from a solid block of ceramic in just a few minutes.

Your new veneer will be very carefully matched in size, shape and colour so that it blends beautifully with your existing teeth. Following minimal preparation of the existing tooth, the veneer is attached with a strong dental adhesive. Often the process will take only one (occasionally two) standard appointments.

Thanks to the highly accurate manufacturing process there is often no need for further shaping of the veneer, although we may polish it to enhance the shine.

At Aesthetique, all of our veneers are produced from materials of the highest quality meaning that you can feel confident in their strength and longevity.

While any veneer could potentially be chipped or cracked by very hard foods or by chewing other objects you shouldn’t (pens, keys, ice, bones!) a well looked after veneer has the potential to last for many years.

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