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Patient guest blog

Posted in: Blog, by aesthetique, on 14th March 2017 | 0 comments

I am to run the Leeds half marathon on Sunday 14th May to raise money for a life- changing operation for a mum of two devastated by breast cancer.

I want to raise funds for a private operation to help pal Ann-Marie after she was told the procedure would not be funded by the NHS.

Ann-Marie from kippax, Leeds has undergone years of reconstruction treatment after having one of her breasts removed four years ago, she had a mastectomy and six courses of chemotherapy and three weeks of radiation, when she was diagnosed with cancer.She was offered reconstruction but was adamant that she did not want implants as she wanted to look as ‘natural’ as possible. Instead she opted to have reconstruction surgery, using fat from elsewhere in her body.

Unfortunately, the op using fat from her back did not work and she suffered an infection. Doctors tried the operation several more times, but we’re not able to rebuild the breast as her body rejected the new tissue.

Ann-Marie said: I’d had several operations one every few months and it wasn’t working. After three years She couldn’t do it anymore so she went for the implant.
But according to Ann-Marie, her breast have been left uneven and ‘terrible’ and she is reminded of her cancer ordeal every time she catches sight of herself in the mirror.While the new right breast looked better, the surgery left Ann-Marie’s chest ‘unsymmetrical’and awful looking.Following the initial operation, she says doctors told her that they could use surgery on the healthy breast to make Ann-Marie’s chest more even.

However after she recovered and she requested the operation, she says she was told that it was not medically necessary and the NHS would not fund it.She has appealed against the decision.
This is really affecting her confidence and ability to move on with her life.She feels like she’s been made to feel ungrateful, but really she is very grateful.She feels like she is asking too much when all she wants is to look and feel normal.

“They say no one should go through cancer alone but it is a very lonely place and Ann-Marie just feels that it’s still not over.”

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